Aquarius man horoscope january 2020

You could be strongly drawn to alternative health practices in and it will be to your benefit to integrate them into your life. You have enjoyed vibrant physical health in past years, but health challenges early in the year will lead you to alternatives and healing.

Mars enters Scorpio

It will take a couple of months but you will not have serious setbacks. In you will need good health as your relationship issues and partnerships will continue to cause great stress. Stress could take a bodily toll then so it is time to put good practices in place.

This is a lucky year, a year of changes for the better. You will find peace, harmony, and happiness. Those born under the Aquarius sign will continue to have ups and downs in their love relationship, and they are advised to communicate with plenty of care. This is not a favorable year for making wedding plans. This year, they might meet, through their entourage, someone who will raise their interest, and with whom they can start a relationship. It could mean a change in attitude and vision towards an old friend. In , the Aquarius might get surprised by some events that will get them out of their comfort zone, especially at work.

The Aquarius will get the chance to extend their circle of friends, to meet important people, who will offer them new opportunities to advance and to evolve. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to launch advantageous, long-term projects. They would go anywhere, anytime, with anyone who would propose such a gateway. The more activities that you will have on the trip involve a lot of socialization, the better.

Aquarius 2020 love horoscope: Cutting ties

Skip to content. An Aquarian heaven. Your greatest personal need this year is freedom and experimentation. Age has nothing to do with it. Your social life will have to mould itself along these lines.

Aquarius Yearly Horoscope For -

The ideal serious relationship this year would be with someone who has the same needs as you do and who is willing to give freedom as well as take it. This is a strong possibility. You will be dating much this year, attending parties and having many entertainments. You look better than you have in many years and you are attracting others in droves. The marriage of a parent or parental figure in your life is in crisis.

Aquarius Horoscope for 2020 – Aquarius 2020 Astrology forecast

Year allows the Aquarius to see what they did after a year of effort and perseverance. For many of you, the finances may be somewhat irregular for most of this year, because some will be in a new field of employment, some will be redeployed professionally, others will retire.

AQUARIUS Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

The financial situation follows the general tendencies of the native Aquarius, which presents itself, however, being balanced and rarely with crucial events. Harmony is restored in the family and with the ability to bring you moments of brilliance. Wealth, in all its aspects, has been important for many years and is becoming more and more important this year and in the coming years.

Love predictions

Your master, Uranus, is now set in the material sign of Taurus and you will have surprising successes. Year announces unexpected events, but they are not able to shake the calm atmosphere that governs your life. Professional life, without major conflicts, seems to be characterized by a few unsuccessful but steady successes.

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Health will be good, except for minor conditions that may occur in the middle of or late in the year. True freedom, after all, means having the means to allow you the freedom that you are longing for. For years, spirituality has been very important to you, and this trend will be even more intense this year, but also in the years to come. Last year, kids and creativity were very important, but now you are in a year of work, a more serious period, but do not be afraid when Jupiter moves to Capricorn after December 3, you will have plenty of opportunities to get yourself joy of living and the ability to do things the way you want.

Areas of interest will be image, personal appearance, finances, health and work, personal transformation and the deep things of life until December 3 and religion, philosophy, metaphysics, higher education and traveling abroad, friendships, group activities and organizations after 3 December. Your major concerns, for the most part of the year, will be home, family, and domestic interests. Next year requires a balanced approach from native Varsators throughout the entire period.

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A lot of adjustments and compromises are also required of you. Your planets are favorable to accomplish all that you propose.